Indiana Civil Defense Force

A group of like minded individuals that care about the direction our Nation is heading, the strength in Community and Survival.
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Current Indiana Civil Defense Force Threat Level - 3 Yellow. Minimal chance of Threat in Area of Operation.

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 The Indiana Civil Defense Force

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COL Reynolds

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PostSubject: The Indiana Civil Defense Force   Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:42 am

The Indiana Civil Defense Force:

is NOT a terrorist training network.
is NOT a neo-Nazi, racist, or any organization of the sort.
is NOT the National Guard or any form of Government agency.
is NOT a private army subject to the dictates of any indevidual, corperation, or other group.
is NOT a religious or political launch group.
is NOT a paranoid, conspiracy theory group.
is NOT a supporter of a One World Government, or any Communist or Socialist Government.

The Indiana Civil Defense Force:
IS a supporter of all branches of the United States military to include National Guard and reserves.
IS a supporter of the Constitution and Bill of Rights of teh United States and the State of Indiana.
IS a response group in the event of a disaster of Nature or Man made.
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The Indiana Civil Defense Force
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